Role-playing games are fun! You might not have tried to play one, but once you create a character or are given a character, you will be drawn into another universe, depending on the game you play, often much more different than the one you inhabit.

Role-playing games can be complicated, but we have all done it at one point in time, pretending that we were someone else. With RPGs, we do it in a more organized way, with the purpose of living through a story. 

Here is why role-playing games are now accessible to everyone.

Role-playing Games are Different Today

When RPGs were first created, in the early 1970s, they were created by men who were very much into wargaming. Wargaming is basically leading armies, in recreated historical battles, or similar settings, with the idea of conquering a territory or running your own war campaign.

When early RPGs were created, they followed the wargaming combat system closely, and were less than imaginative when it came to embracing new players. 

That changed quickly, when they realized that their rules were too advanced for anyone but the most enthusiastic players. Watered-down versions were created, but that didn’t attract everyone.

Nowadays, games are simpler to understand, but can have complex mechanics if the game master decides to implement them. 

Role-playing Video Games

We are very visual creatures. Our eyes are arguably our most important senses. It comes as no surprise, then, that modern RPGs completely embrace that and allow us full customization of our character, from gender, race, class, to every little detail, including the clothes that the character wears.

This concept of customization is what drew people to role-playing games in general, except that in video games, we can see that come to life in a 3D model. Depending on the game, we can see that character explore the world and admire our creation.

Tools for Newcomers

What makes modern RPGs great is that there are plenty of tools from web sites to mobile applications, which make learning and playing traditional tabletop RPGs much easier. It is accessible to everyone, from hardcore wargaming experts, to girls who want to join the party and create their own avatar.

Modern tools make learning and playing RPGs much easier.

It is easy to get into role-playing games, whether you are a guy or girl, with modern tools. Modern RPGs are for everyone, no matter their previous experience with the genre.

By Emma